Dr. Joseph Agius 
is aspeech-language therapist – a specialist in fluency disorders, lecturer at the University of Malta, Senior Principal of the Speech Language Department in the Health Division, Government of Malta. One of the founders and lecturers of the European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders. Dr Agius coordinates the actions of thirteen European universities within that educational initiative. Member of Regular Committee for Fluency Disorders, functioning within the confines of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics – IALP. Reviewer in the Journal of Fluency Disorders and the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. Author of many articles about logopaedics, also the creator of an online application, which is used in therapy of stuttering children – ‘Fluency SIS’ –Smart Intervention Strategy for school-age children who stutter.

Dr. Mieczysław Chęciek is a speech-language therapist and academic teacher with over thirty years of experience. He specializes in stuttering therapy with children, adolescents and adults. He is theauthor of a stuttering therapy program entitled Psychophysiological Therapy of Stuttering, and the Polish version of atest for diagnosis of fluency disorders Cooper’s Questionnaire to Assess Stuttering. Dr. Chęciek participated in many training courses and internships – in Poland and abroad (in Germany and Great Britain). For years, he has been inspiring Polish speech-language therapists to action and disseminating knowledge about stuttering, he has organized and co-organized many conferences, workshops and seminars. For many years he is organizing intensive therapy courses for stutterers in his Specialist Therapy Centre in Wodzisław Śląski. He is an author of many publications about fluency disorders, he was awarded many awards, inter alia the Rev. Stanisław Wilczewski prize and Logopedia Silesiaca award. Awarded with the state medal Order of Polonia Restituta as well (1998).


Dr. Kurt Eggers holds a BA in Medicine, MA in Speech Language Pathology, and PhD. in Biomedical Sciences and Developmental Psychology. He is a researcher and lecturer at the SLP department of Thomas More University College, a professor of practice at Turku University (Finland), a coordinator of the European Clinical Specialization in Fluency Disorders, the International Fluency Association secretary, and the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics fluency committee member. He has lectured and published internationally and his research focuses on the role of temperament and executive functioning in stuttering and speech disfluencies in different populations.


Benny Ravid is the founder of AMBI – Israel Stuttering Association and he was an AMBI chair between the years 1999–2015. In the years 2007–2010 Benny Ravid also served as the chair of ISA – International Stuttering Association. Currently Benny Ravid is the Honorary President of AMBI and leads projects like ‏conventions, empowering groups, public speaking groups, workshops and more.


Manon Spruit is a multilingual Dutch speech-language therapist (she leads therapy in Dutch and German, and also teaches in English and Polish), lecturer at universities in Germany and the Netherlands. She established and leads a Specialized Centre of Stuttering Therapy in Lingen, Germany. She specializes in therapy of fluency disorders (stuttering and cluttering) and therapy of children with FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders). She is a co-founder of the Foundation of Speech and Communication Support HALO in Poland. She has completed many internships in renowned worldwide centres of stuttering therapy. She is the author of many scientific and popular science publications about fluency disorders and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, inter alia publication about cluttering: Poltern – Unverständliches besser verstehen: Leitfadenzur Diagnostik und Therapie, which was published in Polish by Wydawnictwo Edukacyjne in 2018.

Dr. Trudy Stewart is a retired consultant speech and language therapist. She worked in the UK with children and adults who stammer for nearly 40 years. Her last role was that of a clinical lead of the Stammering Support Centre in Leeds. She has taught undergraduate, graduate, and specialist courses for clinicians in the UK, Europe and Sri Lanka, including on ECSF courses. She has carried out research while a clinician, presented her work at international conferences and has written several texts on stammering. Her latest book, published in 2016 is Stammering: a resource book for teachers. Currently she is writing children stories, learning French and directing plays.

Dr. Katarzyna Węsierska is an assistant professor at the University of Silesia and the founder of the Logopedic Centre in Katowice. She graduated from theEuropean Specialization in Fluency Disorders and became the first Polish SLT to obtain the title of the European Fluency Specialist from this organization. She is an author and co-author of numerous publications in the field of logopedics.  In her research and clinical practice she focuses on fluency disorders. She cooperates with national and international academic and research centres. She was also accredited by the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering in London to train PolishSLTs in the use of the Palin PCI approachin clinical practice. She is the secretary of the International Cluttering Association. During the 11th Oxford Dysfluency Conference (2017) she was awarded the Dave Rowley Award for International Initiatives – Stuttering. 

Professor Tomasz Woźniak is a speech-language therapist and linguist, head of the Department of Logopedics and Applied Linguistics at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin. His research focuses mainly on psychogenic speech disorders, narration theory, stuttering, educational programmes for speech therapists, diagnosis and speech therapy. As an active speech therapist he specializes in diagnosis and therapy of individuals with speech fluency impairments. Co-creator of the Polish Logopedics Association (1999), head of the Polish Logopedics Society (2008-2014), head of the Educational IALP Committee for Logopedists (2013-2016), currently a KE IALP consultant for Logopedists (since 2016). Author and co-author of several dozens of publications, co-editor of three multi-author monographs, including Logopedics. Standards of conduct in logopaedics (Lublin, 2015). Awarded with the Silver Cross of Merit (2002) and the Golden Cross of Merit (2014).